This page is a quick reference guide to what you can find on the site. Use the links to the left or below to find where you want to go.

  • Piano Sheet Music (ピアノ楽譜) - Piano pieces (mostly from various anime) transcribed primarily by myself and by Pico of the now-defunct Pico's Score. Also links to a few other sources of anime/game sheet music, including a few rare finds.
  • Campaign Journal - A log of various current and past D&D games, with session summaries, quotes, and game tools.
  • Game Log - A complete list of video games that I have completed, to the best of my knowledge. Not just about bragging; it's also meant to show the types of games that interest me.
  • Portfolio - My professional portfolio of game projects I've worked on, including samples of programming, design work, and 3D animation, among other things.
  • Heroes of Destiny - My custom-designed roleplaying system, formerly known as Elemental Masters. Features a high level of customization in character creation and progression, a deep and involved tactical action point combat system, and a fantasy setting.
  • News - Mostly very old news from several years ago about the site and happenings in my life.
  • Dragons and Broadswords - Once upon a time, I thought I'd make a sprite comic. I started, but it turns out that with nothing but MS Paint, it just takes way too much time to actually build a comic like that, so I quickly lost my motivation. The story itself is based around D&D, though not any campaign in particular.
  • The Damage Guild (External Link) - I DM a game of 5th edition D&D with a few friends, and we've turned it into a podcast for you to listen and enjoy! It releases every other week, and features a largely player-driven campaign in a homebrew setting, with plenty of laughs, quality editing, and family-friendly language.